Loba la Louve Rocket Girl 2.0

Costume Designer & Leather Crafter

Loba la Louve Creations is the story of a wild, dark, lunatic girl.
Stubborn as a mule when it comes to fitting in society.

While trying to find her place on this crazy planet, she discovers that she absolutely loves crafting, and that it allows her to recreate and bring out the beauty and badass-ness of her everyday life.

She realized that she could make this world a better place!

People need to know they deserve to be themselves, and to wear whatever they want to feel complete!

She discovered her Passion : Costume making and Leather working

Loba la Louve Creations is the story of Genevieve Cotineau, a 90’s girl, who visualizes the future as an eclectic Mad Max, dirty and raw, post apocalyptic performance…

A girl who walks into this Old-School-Gothstyle-Underground club, and rinces her eyes with shiny studded leather and mysteriously sexy individuals…

A girl who will Punk-Rock your ass and spray paint your guts ’til you scream MERCY! TAKE MY MONEY!!!

The Future is Now. Be the Future.

Custom Requests

Looking for the perfect custom costume or accessory?

Look no further!